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Hi there! We are ZMC Studio™. Our name is an extension of our design philosophy — create meaningful solutions for our clients/user and not for ourselves. 

We begin every problem with an open mind, curious spirit and without preconceived ideas. Hence, we help you bring your vision and goals to life. We work with people who are as dedicated to their craft. We do everything with our core value of honesty, Integrity, hard work and trust.

sign Michael Ndung'u ZMC Chairman and Senior Partner

2017 - 2018

Garage Years

Simply Zaidi

ChofaRide, Qless, ZLicense, CSpace, Zaidi POS desktop, Freelance Web and Mobile development.


Freelance IT services

Software, Graphic Design and Animation

HiMenu, HiStore, Web development, consulting and Graphic design.


Expansion & Growth - The ZMC Brand

Meet the ZMC Founding Partners

Consulting, Branding, Design, Content Development, Strategy, Software Development, Animation and Hosting. HiPesa, Video Streaming, Zaidi Store Mobile, Buniflow


Professional network of IT Consulting

We are ZMC!

Our mission is to help our clients build brands and grow their businesses with digital solutions and creative content crafted by solution engineers.

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Contact us @ info@zmc.co.ke

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Meet our talented team of creatives, fun-lovers, and magic makers.

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Junior S.Engineer/Designers

Steve Njuguna

Steve Njuguna

Snr Designer & Animator
Michael Ndungu

Michael Ndungu

Chairman & VP Solutions
Kahiga Daniel

Kahiga Daniel


The Best job

Check out life at ZMC. People got real talent here

Career opportunities.

Growing with us is extremely easy thanks to our 3 level step structure. Middle level management sucks!

Meet amazing people

We hire the best engineers! Funny and friendly with each other.

Make cool $tuff. Get paid

We want to meet the makers, the future-facing hustlers with real talent.

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